My Christmas Cheer

Here’s a Christmas toast to all of ya’ll…
Lift your glass to the future,
Heave it from the past,
Toast to me, to friends far and near.
That from this day forward,
May we remain faithful and dear.

Now here’s a little recipe to start the morning with a jingle in your step.

Christmas Cheer

1 bottle of chilled champagne
1 can frozen cranberry juice
Lime slices

Stir the undiluted juice with the chilled champagne. Garnish flute with the lime slice and drink up. You just might need another bottle.

5 thoughts on “My Christmas Cheer

  1. My Little Space

    Hi Drick, it has been a busy week! Just in case I forgot about it… wishing you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Hope you'll have a fabulous time with your family & friends. Have lots of fun and as well food! Cheers always.Best wishes, Kristy


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