New Potatoes with Roasted Vidalia & Garlic Butter Jam

Triple Roast

Yeah, I'm getting in another Vidalia recipe before the season ends and since new potatoes are coming in too, I thought the two to be a perfect match. Of course, gotta have garlic right? And to me, there's not too many better ways (well, I could think of many actually) to serve potatoes than roasting them in the oven.

And since I was roasted the potatoes, I decided to roast the onions to bring out more of the natural sweetness, the garlic too. Now that got me thinking of a vinaigrette I made a while back and with a little tweak, I came up with this warm potato, buttery salad, more of a side dish that is absolutely a taste of maddening bliss.

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

9 thoughts on “New Potatoes with Roasted Vidalia & Garlic Butter Jam

  1. sweetlife

    onion and garlic jam sounds divine, i love the pic of the potaotes with the pieces of bacon over the top, yummy way to begin the week!sweetlife

  2. Pacheco Patty

    Wow Drick, I can imagine the fragrance coming off these from the oven, so good! My family would love these spuds with bacon and Vidalia onions, you did them right;-)

  3. Pierce

    That is magazine worthy. Surprised Food Network hasn't contacted you yet!! I have your green bean casserole recipe on the top of my to do list by the way, Thanks for your very nice comments about our trip last week!!

  4. redkathy

    Oh wow this looks yummy Drick! Oh man, I' so disappointed, had I not run out of red potatoes I would be serving this tonight with our pork loin… Bookmarked!

  5. Holly Henry

    I'm a spud lover and this recipe really hits it! Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more of your creations as I'm now an official follower :)HollyYou can visit me @


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