Mango Avocado Salsa, Beef & Chorizo Chalupas, Chipotle Marinade and Chili Pepper Marinade for Grilled Meats

chili chicken banana boats
Mexican Fiesta

Saturdays are always Mexican night around our house and lately we're been going out to eat rather than me doing what I love to do, which is making a good homemade meal that taste so much fresher than the foods sitting around on hotplates in restaurants. You know what I mean, how else can they get the food out so quickly, right? I mean, we sure can't. So I thought it was high time to get back in the saddle and ride wild… here's what I came up with… oh, and you can join in too…

…start off with a salsa made from delicate sweet ataulfo mangoes, plum tomatoes and ripe avocados. I use it as a dip like the recipe below and I also like to add it as a topping to many types of foods.
OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > ยป

16 thoughts on “Mango Avocado Salsa, Beef & Chorizo Chalupas, Chipotle Marinade and Chili Pepper Marinade for Grilled Meats

  1. Pacheco Patty

    I love Mexican food and really like the idea of Saturday night being Mexican food night, now I'm thinking Friday night for Mexican night doesn't sound so bad either! Everything looks delicious here but after spending the day in my kitchen I'm ready for someone else to do the cooking;-)

  2. Ilke

    I so wanna come over for dinner! Have to try that mango salsa, adding this to my list of things I have to break into! One question about chorizo, did it almost melt? We sauted some last night, thinking it would crumble and hold its shape like a regular sausage but then it because this thick sauce that you can not even tell it is meat. I wonder if we did not choose right type or brand, or is this normal?

  3. Redkathy

    Oh wow Drick, I just adore those Chalupa boats! They beat a crispy tortilla any day. And those chili chicken boats, well we are having those this weekend for sure! Perfect for Dad. He loves spicy and they are alot like individual casseroles.

  4. Drick

    @Pacheco Patty – I know what you mean… your Dorie Friday's are just greatKate@Diethood – hope you try it…nice flavor@Ilke – come on over… hope my message to you made sense although I do not know why it would melt away unless like I said, it contain high amount of fat…@Redkathy – ya know, after all said and done, I looked over these and knew these were really more like sopes rather than chalupas… but yes, they were very crispy and held up nicely with the filling

  5. Marguerite

    Now you're talkin' my language, cher! Next to Cajun, Mexican is my fave and all of these recipes sound over-the-top delish! Love that salsa and those chalupas and the marinades are fab! Thanks for the super recipes and have a great weekend! Cheers!

  6. Priscilla - She's Cookin'

    So glad you decided to cook and share this with us rather than going out ๐Ÿ™‚ Love all of it – esp. mango salsa, which I'll be using on some swordfish tonight. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!

  7. Pegasuslegend

    What a great marinade… I can use this on everything so versatile, also we love mexican food so these recipes are fabulous! these are a perfect alternative for us anytime other than Italian food! Thanks foodie friend hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Lizzy

    My, what a feast!!! I love the idea of changing your delicious salsa into a salad but making the pieces bigger! WONDERFUL! Happy long weekend to you~

  9. bunkycooks

    I so agree! These wonderful recipes made fresh and in your own kitchen are far better than the stuff you get out at a restaurant. I still have a few mangoes left from BlogHer Food, so you can guess what I might be making! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  10. Sandra

    Still waiting for my invitation to dinner! There are so many good things here, you've outdone yourself. Have a great holidy and I'm sharing a blogger award with you. Check it out on my site.

  11. Claudia

    Oh those marinades. You have no idea how inviting everything here is after 9 months of no barbecue and no grill. I think you're more of an expert on mango salsa than me.

  12. Trix

    Oh my gosh Drick – I would come to YOUR restaurant any day!! This looks like an amazing feast, I always love your Mexican dishes.


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