Peachy Cream Lime Pie

Thanks Cousin Julia

I had a nice surprise last week, a short but sweet visit from a distant cousin from Greenville, who now calls Huntsville AL home. Along with photos of family that I have not seen in eons, she brought a nice, delicious banana loaf that she made and a bunch of fresh Chilton peaches from Clanton. I think peaches from Chilton county are the best, the sweetest I have ever tasted and I'm here to tell ya, I have tasted many. She emailed a few days later an appetizer recipe along with more memories of earlier times at my grandparents saying, "I loved going over to Aunt Elsie Lee's for dinner or a chicken "brissil" because I got to play with your Momma's twirling baton and strut around in her majorette boots!!!!!  Plus stuff myself.  Doesn't get any better…." Julia, I can say I now carry on the tradition of stuffing, that's for sure. Yup, I saw ya admiring my belly, why, in some countries I'd be worth a fortune! And you are right, it don't get much better than good eats like this one.

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

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