Peachy Cream Lime Pie

Thanks Cousin Julia

I had a nice surprise last week, a short but sweet visit from a distant cousin from Greenville, who now calls Huntsville AL home. Along with photos of family that I have not seen in eons, she brought a nice, delicious banana loaf that she made and a bunch of fresh Chilton peaches from Clanton. I think peaches from Chilton county are the best, the sweetest I have ever tasted and I'm here to tell ya, I have tasted many. She emailed a few days later an appetizer recipe along with more memories of earlier times at my grandparents saying, "I loved going over to Aunt Elsie Lee's for dinner or a chicken "brissil" because I got to play with your Momma's twirling baton and strut around in her majorette boots!!!!!  Plus stuff myself.  Doesn't get any better…." Julia, I can say I now carry on the tradition of stuffing, that's for sure. Yup, I saw ya admiring my belly, why, in some countries I'd be worth a fortune! And you are right, it don't get much better than good eats like this one.

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16 thoughts on “Peachy Cream Lime Pie

  1. Kristen

    Peaches and limes sound so refreshing for a hot day. Looking forward to trying some Georgia peaches. Washington state grows some mighty delicious ones…

  2. Trix

    This is the kind of sweet I like because it has such a nice shot of tart and tangy to it. Reading that about the twirling baton fun – my mom was head majorette in high school, and I have her baton AND her majorette costume (and no, I couldn't fit in to it since I was 12 – she was a tiny woman!)

  3. Pachecopatty

    This looks like a delicious slice of pie. I picked up a few white and yellow peaches at the farmers market..hmm..what to do?? Should I be good, just peel and eat them or should I put them in a pie? I think this is a holiday weekend coming here that might just require a dessert;-)

  4. MaryMoh

    Thanks very much for dropping by, Drick. Yes, you should find your way here to Aberdeen one day! 😀 Aberdeen will rock then….hehe. And I sure need that fabulous pie after a hard day's work. It looks so creamy and delicious. You know, my eyes just SPARKLE when I see a whole can of condensed milk in that pie…just have to be irresistible….mmmm.

  5. Magic of Spice

    What a lovely combination with peaches and lime and looks gorgeously creamy 🙂 I agree that the idea of a bit of cream cheese to alternate with would work perfectly!Plus, you know me and my cheese addiction 😉

  6. Anonymous

    LOVE the flavor, but mine came out like a liquid smoothie. I could literally pour it from the pie plate into a glass and drink it. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

  7. drick perry

    Hey ANONY, not for sure… I use my blender pulsating until somewhat smooth. Don't know if liquefying would make a difference or if maybe your peaches are juicier than the ones I normally have around. This is a pie I make during the hot summer months and I like to freeze the pie allowing it to set out just a few minutes before serving. I guess you could fold in more whipped topping or add a thickener like tapioca flour.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks much for the reply. Am going to try the suggested tips to try and "thicken" up the pie. I do so LOVE LOVE the flavor. If I can't get it to thicken up as a pie…I'm gonna just make a malt or smoothie! LOL


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