Marinated Artichoke Rémoulade Pasta Salad

Need a little sumpin' on the side?

Need a side dish for all the barbecuing, grilling and cookouts going on? This is one I think you just might like as well as we do. Of course, you don't have to save it just for cookouts, but it was purty tasty with some ribs we had this past weekend.

The base is an easy-to-make white rémoulade dressing that gives a charming, rivaling yet finished flavor to the marinated artichokes.
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10 thoughts on “Marinated Artichoke Rémoulade Pasta Salad

  1. The Mom Chef

    You're right. This is a perfect dish for anything barbecue related. I love the remoulade (and there is never, ever salad dressing in my house; only mayonnaise!).

  2. sweetlife

    first..let me get over the drool-a-thon with the peachy cream lime pie. (bookmarked) Who doesn't need a little sumpin' on the side and this would be a delight! next to ribs, oh can't stand it!!sweetlife

  3. Mother Rimmy

    That dressing sounds amazing. I love anything with tarragon. I rarely see it used and it's such an amazing herb. You know me, I could make a meal out of this salad. 🙂

  4. redkathy

    I love pasta salads Drick. The tarragon just sets it off. That's one of my favorite salad herbs too! I can imagine the taste was simply amazing combined with capers.


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