Grilled Pork Rib Roast

It's agrillin' time…

Last year I got on a kick of agrillin' everything using a marmalade as the starting point, remember that? From my satsuma-kumquat marmalade we enjoyed a roasted Turkey Breast at Christmastime and a delectable Crown Roast for New Year's. This recipe is similar as the roast but with a mere mo essence of flavors that I think is just outstanding for pork, especially grilled off the heat over a 3 to 4 hour period. Succulent, moist, tender all because of the marinade that's been a'workin' on the meat fibers overnight. Flavorful, tasty, savory from the spices and fruits that's 'bout the best seasoning I know for pork.

Now, for those not from the south, I thought you might need a lesson on our dialect or taukin' as you can see, sometimes I throw it in for fun. I think it is very important to speak (and write) the dialect of your upbringing whether you are a Midwesterner, a Valley girl or surfer dude, from Jersey, from Texas, heck, even from furr south. Ima starting ya'll off easy from the beginning, with the letter 'a', spoken as 'ah'. We tend to add this as a prefix to many words to beautify the importance of the meaning. Like the present participles above agrillin' and aworkin'. We also tend to emphasize words used as future tense auxiliary as in ahm agonna git yo Paw iffin dey cum alookin'. Just as we like to add an 'a' for importance, we also like to take it away sometimes too. It's all 'bout what makes sense, to us that is.

So you see, when it comes time to gittin' down and agrillin', we don't mess 'round. Dat's sum serious bidnis in des'here parts. Seriously, dissin one fine marinade folks.  Enjoy!

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

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