Tomato & Spinach Pie


Big ol' juicy tomatoes from the farmers market need a good home and I found one for them in this pie, a rendition of my Tomato Pie we enjoy from time to time.

Like many good summer vegetables, we get to enjoy fresh tomatoes only a short time around here, I mean, real fresh from the vine right from the farm, right slap-dab from Mobile county. It won't be too long from now and the vines will start to fade away from the heat which means tomatoes from foreign soils, which means storage which means not so fresh.

So while the gettin' is good, I'm enjoying fresh tomatoes the best I can. I had so many on this day, I made two pies, one for us and one for a neighbor. Sorry the rest of you missed out but I hope you try this one as we think it is really good. Enjoy!

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

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