Best Grilled Tawny Steaks with Mushroom Ragoo

 This deal actually turned out okay…

Yes siree folks, this one is sho 'nuff good eating, if I may say so myself. I got ahold of some rib-eye steaks, at a pretty good deal. Now I bought them from a reputable butcher, don't get me wrong, but the steaks weren't from your regular American grown cattle. In fact, I stood at the meat counter, standing over a dozen or so slabs of whole rib-eyes, poking my fingers all around the cryovac packaging… I guess that's when the butcher came up and asked my intentions.

It was a deal unheard of, a price just too low – $3.99 per pound. I had already check the expiration date, still a few weeks away. The one thing I did notice, all of them had very little marbling inside, almost no fat at all within the eye and trimmed pretty good with the exception of a layer of fat down around the collar. I told him of my concern, that I thought the meat to be almost too lean. He laugh and pointed to the sticker of origin- Mexico. Now, I hesitated for a moment and then thought, what's going on here, what is so wrong with that? (Of course, the 'E' word also whirled around in my head.) How many times have I enjoyed beef in Mexico? True, it was a bit stringy once, maybe not plumped all up like our over-fatten grain fed cattle, but in many cantinas and restaurants, it was some of the best I remember. I replied to him that it's all in the way you cook it, how you season it, and rather or not you use a marinade. We discussed the use of marinades, both of us agreeing that meat nowadays are bred so differently as in days past, some of the flavors we enjoy are just not there anymore. So with that, he said he would go cut me a couple (at the same price) and let me see if I liked this type of beef before I bought a whole slab. Nice guy!

Cheap cut of meat or prime cut, this marinade is one of my favorites, in fact, it is the best marinade I know in flavoring and tenderizing steaks using Tawny Port Wine. Oh, and yup, I'm heading out to buy one of those whole rib-eyes. (see afterthought below)

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13 thoughts on “Best Grilled Tawny Steaks with Mushroom Ragoo

  1. Ellie

    $3.99 Ribeye!!! Did you fill your freezer? This looks amazing. I love the way you used the onion juice in this, and the mixture of mushrooms. YUM!!!

  2. The Mom Chef

    I wish I could convince our grocery to get some Mexican beef if that's the normal price! Amazing. I've never marinated meat with port, but it sounds delicious; adding both sweetness and the flavor of wine. And the mushroom ragu….yum! Too bad the rest of the family wouldn't like it (they may just have to deal with it!).

  3. Michelle

    I bet this turned out more than just "okay!" Looks fantastic. And it's making me feel a little let down as I'm eating a turkey sandwich. Would much rather cozy up to a plate of this!

  4. Kristen

    I bet there is no butcher that could go head to head with you…you sure know your meat. What a great deal you got. I would love to find meat that cheap!

  5. Pacheco Patty

    You crack me up $3.99 a pound! I bought some skirt steak for $14.00 a pound the other day, I need a bank loan just to buy groceries, it's so expensive here! Great marinades, as usual- my go-to grill master;-)I put a dry rub on my $$$steaks and my husband said, I don't rally like this rub, bummer;-( Should have used one of your recipes instead of Penzeys spice, trying to save time!

  6. Frank

    Ribeye is my favorite cut—usually prefer bone-in but I'll take as I get it, especially at those prices! Sounds like a winner. 🙂

  7. Maureen

    I don't have access to Mexican beef here in Australia but our beef is always tender. I've never had to use a steak knife here.Your mushrooms sound amazing! I can't wait to try it.

  8. Magic of Spice

    That is a beautiful marinade! And love the mushroom sauce of course 🙂 Interesting that you found cuts from Mexico, have not seen that before. Looks like a wonderful and full flavored dish 🙂


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