Shrimp Butter Spread

Let see Forrest,

You can use this on: crackers, bread slices, toast points, pita chips, bagel chips, canapes, cucumber slices, radish rings, celery sticks, fried green tomato wheels, fish and grits, soft shell crab sandwiches, sushi rolls, Thai rolls, Vietnamese rolls, summer rolls, crab claws, catfish fingers, fish sticks, squid rings, steak oscar, tomato wheels, tomato bacon wraps, bacon wrapped jalapeños, mini seafood shells, oyster loaf, crawfish loaf, crab balls, boudin balls, lobster burgers, fish tacos, seafood kabobs, grilled portobellas, chipotle corn cakes, grilled salmon, smoked salmon, salmon waffles, seared candied scallops, garlic mussels, coconut shrimp, crab stuffed shrimp, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, pickled shrimp, shrimp cocktail, Cajun shrimp, shrimp shooters, shrimp skewers . . . okay, that's enough, I'm tired now…

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

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