Beef Teriyaki Tenderloins

 Mock this…

You may have overlooked a well-kept secret. Several years ago, the National Cattleman's Beef Association developed, well actually came up with a name, the portion of this shoulder cut from the chuck area.  Beef Shoulder Filet or Petite Tender Cut, however you call it, is a tender and very inexpensive cut of meat. Because it works well with marinades and cooks so tender, mock tenderloin could well be another name, and the best part, this costs about eight-dollars verses about twenty-eight for the real Châteaubriand.

Taking a cue from Cook's Illustrated and doing a reversal, this is one of my favorite ways to serve tenderloin or in this case, mock. Heck, it is a better cooking method for sure and my marinade is just so darn tasty with beef, at least we think so.
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12 thoughts on “Beef Teriyaki Tenderloins

  1. Mary

    Thanks for this post, it sounds delicious. I can't wait to try it! Do you think marinating longer would be okay? Overnight perhaps! Thanks again, love your website!

  2. Inspired by eRecipeCards

    Sounds delicious… i am wondering, i have only done the reverse searing once. For me, didn;t care for it. I like the presentation of the gradually deepening of the red as you get to the center (but I am a presentation whore sometimes).I also like the texture of the different layers of flavors from well done crust to the rare center.OR… Am I just an old fart that resists change???

  3. Drick

    thanks everyone, and for Dave, I have only just acquainted myself with your humor, therefore I will only comment on presentation – this is for folks who enjoy a perfectly cooked, medium to medium rare loin, the whole shebang… when you come to my table, now I know how to cook yours…

  4. Magic of Spice

    Perfectly prepared! Did I ever mention you make the most wonderful marinades out there? 🙂 Well and of course your rubs…Now even though I do not eat meat, you know I do love perfection in all processes of cooking and this works for me :)Hope you are having a great week Drick…


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