Ground Beef Tacos

Update on my

Taco Seasoning Mix

Well folks, I think I have finally settled on the ingredients I've been working on for a few years in making a taco seasoning mix. Some folks would say I am crazy, why make your own, why the extra expense especially when you can get a pack for less than a dollar. Well, there you go, you get what you pay for my friends and until I really starting tinkering with this one, I thought the best one out there came in a yellow package, still do as for store bought. But this is the one going down as my recipe.

A few of you wanted an update when I thought I got it right so here it is. I first published a version last October for Taco Salad and have since revised that recipe too. This time, I am using it to make another favorite. Here is the recipe on how I prepare the meat sauce for tacos, a little different from before. Now if you use anything other than extra lean beef, cook the beef first and drain off the fat, otherwise follow the recipe for some of the best taco meat I know made from ground beef. Enjoy!
OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

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