Crab Claw Bordelaise

Fingers or Claws?

the only thing that matters is the taste…

The dish today has been
wandering around in my head for some time now. Why, I’ve mentioned it to so
many of you, I hope you are not tired of me yapping about it. Gwen, you are
always on the road taking your readers at Bunkycooks along for interesting road trips. I am glad you are heading back to NOLA soon, I hope you try the
Bourbon House’s version of this dish, that is the one that kinda got me kick-started in
wanting to make this. Homer and everyone at work, thank you for my endless
going-ons, I appreciate ya’ll nodding your heads every once in a while. But most
importantly, special thanks to my good friend, Cajun Chef Ryan, who is always
there to help and follow up with correct procedures and his knowledgeable wisdom of great
southern cookery.

OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

14 thoughts on “Crab Claw Bordelaise

  1. The Mom Chef

    I love Chef Ryan's stuff. I haven't visited there in a long time because life's gotten hectic. Once it's back to normal (Dudette is in school), I think it'll be a bit easier. This looks fantastic. I love anything in bordelaise! I've not found crab claws in a container before. I HAVE to find them.

  2. Pierce

    Drick….holy cow……this may be better than your creamy seafood and pasta we love so much. C’mon pay day because we HAVE to try this!! Kudos to you and Chef Ryan on this one.

  3. Trix

    I say crab claws too! They aren't fingers if they can pinch like that! This sounds amazing … I bet it would be great with some Maryland blue crabs! And your description of the sauce also reminds me of the BBQ sauce at Mr B's. Oh ,slurp do I want some of that with a hunk o French bread!!!!

  4. Claudia

    I've been having a crabfest lately. This goes my ever-loving crab claw being – gorgeous, delicious and now I wait for the Gulf truck to bring me fresh crab claws.

  5. Lizzy

    Is it bad that I want this for breakfast? Or even better, do you have any leftovers in your fridge? You may find me at your doorstep! Amazingly good looking food here!

  6. Ryan Boudreaux

    Hey Drick, your research has landed you a wonderful plate of tasty crab claws. So glad to see this dish recreated in your kitchen! Which reminds me…I need to find me some fresh crab claws…..soon! Bon appetit!

  7. Magic of Spice

    The are both great looking recipes…I tent to lean towards the sherry and wine though 😉 They both do look amazing though! And I have never heard the term crab fingers before…claws to me.


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