Foolproof Engagement Chicken

Glamorous Annie Bell…

Of all the baked and roasted lemon chicken recipes I remember throughout my life, one of my fondest came from grandmother’s cook and it has taken me a long time to remember exactly why. Roasting whole chicken, as I know it, means fiddling with it constantly, basting several times, turning and flipping to even out the browning process and a diligent watch in keeping the breast meat moist while the thigh cooks done. Annie Bell, who I could write a book about, was a real character, always wearing her wig slightly crooked and always full of tomfoolery, doing nonsense pranks all the time, but when it came time to cook chicken, she was no fool. I remember her cooking a whole bird in a heavy cast iron skillet, maybe a shallow Dutch oven without the lid, and it being the best roasted chicken ever…you understand what I’m saying? Now, that’s a pretty strong statement and I’ll explain.

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13 thoughts on “Foolproof Engagement Chicken

  1. Michael Toa

    Roast chicken is perhaps my favourite meal. I really enjoyed reading the story. I must be really careful though when I decide to serve this engagement chicken. At this moment, I'm not ready to commit to anything yet.

  2. Kristen

    I'd say yes, too. Sounds like a wonderful and easy way to make a bird. Kids are settling in, school, football and golf are keeping most of them busy. Enjoying preparing for hurricane season, even if they pass us by.

  3. Pierce

    Great photos and I have to tell you…I have checked the Glamour cookbook out of the library several times, made a copy of the Engagement Chicken recipe. We are of the same mind – too cool! I love a roasted chicken and look forward to this one,

  4. Aimee

    This looks like it is cooked to perfection! I'm going to start using thyme when I put salt & pepper on a chicken now because this looks alot better than my roast chickens!

  5. Mother Rimmy

    I learn something new every time I visit. I think you should be teaching cooking classes! I'd come all that way to you just to attend. :)Can't wait to try this one. I have a brand new skillet I got for my birthday and the perfect bird just waiting in the freezer!


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