Butter Bean Calas

Calas, calas, bel calas. Tout chaud!

For some reason when I opened my kitchen door and belted out those words, it didn't ring the same feeling as I imagine Creole women felt at the turn of the last century. Then, I am not Creole nor a woman selling hot calas in the squares or on the streets. It did generate a few strange looks followed by happy waves of hands; my neighbors know I'm a little off somedays. They just nod, smile and wave knowing everything will be fine, once I get back on medication.

Calas are said to be entrenched in southern history, a delectable fritter brought over from the rice areas of Ghana by slaves. Calas are still made there today, not so
OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > ยป

11 thoughts on “Butter Bean Calas

  1. MM

    Yall doing ok, Drick? Made out ok w/ the storm?Have never had butter bean calas. Traditional and crawfish, yes. But I do love butter beans! (I'm talking a lot here!) Oh, I see now that it's pure butter beans, no rice. Even better to let those butter beans really shine. Great idea.

  2. The Mom Chef

    You know, you could have kept Lee to yourself. We've been under a tornado watch since last night and are a tad tired of rain, especially since we got some from the last hurricane that said hello to North Carolina.I've never had calas before, but that could be because rice as anything but rice yerks me out. Rice pudding makes me shudder.So, the idea of trying this for the first time with butter beans instead; way good. Many thanks!

  3. Pacheco Patty

    Hi Drick, I almost always learn something new when I pay you a visit! I've got to get to work on my tailgating recipes- just a busy holiday weekend but things are quieting down for the moment;-) I would love to try a butter bean calas, from your picture they look pretty delicious!

  4. Lizzy

    I get those same looks from my kids when I make up goofy songs (or sing anything basically)…nice to know we have that in common ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I'm a fan of anything called a fritter…and these calas look lovely. Great history behind them, too~PS…I'll try to get my act together on Saturday and submit a recipe AND vote ๐Ÿ™‚


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