Shut Yo Mouth Recipes – Meat Pies

Say what? 
…this just ain't right…

I bet in all regions, heck, all parts of this world, you fine folks have a slew of food dishes you just love to make … you know the ones that are so gosh darn good, but because of the name or maybe ingredients, you just don't go around praising the worthiness. Well, that is what Shut Yo Mouth is all about and today it's about bodacious meat pies.

Now down here in LA, that's Lower Alabama for those uneducated, and around many parts of the south, we enjoy a certain critter, why just thinking about it makes me lick my lips. I'm talking about cooter.
OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

11 thoughts on “Shut Yo Mouth Recipes – Meat Pies

  1. Drick

    @Claudia – I bet your mother's version is a way better version… I was hellbent on researching 'cooter' pie, but I know there are really great turtle meat pie recipes out there…

  2. Trix

    I don't know Drick, these days I'll try just about anything – even cooder!! Up here, terrapin soup is (or more accurately was) a big deal. When I was a kid I had something called mock turtle soup and I have no idea what meat they actually used!!

  3. Magic of Spice

    What a recipe! I have heard of turtle soup, but not cooter…wow! Working some great flavors here, will have to ask my dad if he has ever tried it :)And A Very Happy Birthday as well my friend, hope you have a fantastic one 🙂

  4. Ellie

    HA! I don't know if I can find fresh Cooter up here in NY. I think I have one in my fish tank though named Speedy!! I do love the idea of pulling out a saw to make dinner 🙂 Cooter aside, the whiskey and eggs have me intrigued.

  5. Kristen

    Okay, I have to draw the line here. I am willing to be southern in many ways, but I am not washing and cooking a turtle. And don't tell me it tastes like chicken, either! Love the other flavors, so a substitute will have to be called in to play for the reptile.


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