Hot-Dogs, 4 ways + Game-Day Week 5

Week 5 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Sep 27th
Voting Starts Sep 28th
see 'rulebook' for prizes and game strategy

Welcome to this Week's Giveaway

Let's get right to it… I know everyone is busy and has places to go, gotta find the right spot, right Uga?

Congratulations to Jessica, last week's winner with her amazing NOLA Bites. A copy of my new recipe book will be reserved in your name as soon as if comes out.

I want to thank all who took time to summit a recipe last week and I hope more of you get in the spirit and share one with all of us as well. In the last few weeks, we've had more hits, pageviews and a larger audience than I imagined. To the participants, so glad you are in this game.  Some of you I hear are reaping big rewards.
OKAY, let's get to the good stuff – READ MORE > »

9 thoughts on “Hot-Dogs, 4 ways + Game-Day Week 5

  1. claudia @Whats Cookin

    Congrats on your 700th post wow! These dogs are awesome, of course the cheese makes them… just want to dive right into the screen… love it, and as always thanks for being such an awesome host with this great football party!

  2. Pacheco Patty

    Hey Drick, I want to tailgate with all the contributors to your tailgate party;-)I was just thinking about making pigs in a blanket for the grandkids, they would love that at a tailgate, I think!Now for me I'll take a Fancy Fixin' Dog;-)

  3. Mother Rimmy

    I'm lovin the chili dog. The booster club for my son's high school team just instituted Rimmy's grill in his honor. I think I have a new menu item for them! Enjoy your week. 🙂

  4. redkathy

    700 posts Holy Cow and a congrats as big!! Love the dogs, especially the Cajun Nawlins Cheese! No recipe for this week Drick, life barely allowed me time to fix dinner never mind game day food, uughh.

  5. Magic of Spice

    Congratulations on your 700th post…wow! And congrats to Jessica as well :)Sorry I have been missing out with the computer switch over, but these hot dogs would sure be great game party food. Love the idea of a chutney on a hot dog…nice 🙂


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