Mobile Mardi Gras, behind the scenes…

Jester prop
Thanks Julia,

for allowing me to share these pics of just a few of the wonderful, brilliantly staged events you and Ron have created this year. Some folks say you have to be crazy to be in the business we are in but after seeing these snapshots of jobs, the long hours you put into it pays off so rewarding. Well done Julia, and the rest of the gang too.

I do not know how many events your crew has covered since carnival season started back in November; 40, 50, 60? But just a couple of more days before it’s all over and then you get to rest . . . yeah right. you see, Julia’s getting married next month so I know there will be no rest.

In the mean time, thanks again guys. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the pics from this year. For the folks outside of Mobile, Julia and gang handles the Special Events side of our company and executes all aspects of parties, dances and Mardi Gras balls.

Here are just a few pics from this season:

underwater stage
Bee stage
another Jester prop
Dance floor for a ball
yet another Jester prop
jungle stage
table centerpiece
MCA King’s Coronation with backdrop
Promenade area for King’s Coronation
All photos property of Julia Greer

2 thoughts on “Mobile Mardi Gras, behind the scenes…

  1. Sandra

    Sweet Mother of Pearl, I see pictures of gorgeous events and I can't sit still! You've made mention before of being "in" the business and I would love to see more pictures and learn more about it if you don't mind sharing. From what I do, I know how small events can wipe you out. Something on the magnitude of what's pictured here can really be taxing on the nerves. But when you love what you do it's no problem. Hat's off to you Julia and the gang!


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