Sweet n Spicy Plum Glazed Chicken

Grilled chicken that’s plum good.

“Why, it’s no trouble at all,” is what I said the last time I was asked for grilled chicken on the dinner table, “just give me a day’s notice.”

Actually, all the steps below happened in one afternoon. I mentioned a while back in a lengthy post of barbecuing some chicken breast. Well this is the actual recipe per se and let me tell you, it was out of sight.

I did everything possible to those birds breast, everything I knew to do to make them bodaciously great, and they were folks. I soaked them in a brine to plump them up with moisture and flavor, I coated them in a rub adding a nice flavorsome crust as they cooked, kept them coddled in a haze on the grill with hickory and cherry wood smoke, I continuously mopped them with my poultry sop to keep them from drying out during the long 2 1/2 hours of cooking and I finished them off with a delightful spicy red plum barbecue sauce that was the easiest thing I did the whole afternoon. Yup, those breasts were pure pampered and tickled with every thing I knew to do.

You can refer to the article on barbecuing poultry here, but this is the shorten recipe with the plum glaze. Enjoy!

Sweet n Spicy Plum Grilled Chicken
for 2 whole or flatten chickens, 4 chicken halves or 8 quarters

Again, let me stress you do not have to do all 4 steps, but it sure does make one fine meal. Brine, rub, mop or glaze in any combination but be sure to do the mop which will keep the meat moist during cooking.

 Pump in Moisture by Brining
in My All-Purpose Poultry Brine

 Improve the Taste by Adhering a Rub

with My All-Purpose Poultry Rub

 Moisten the Poultry with a Flavorful Mop

using My All Purpose Poultry Mop

 Finish with a Tasty Glaze

like this easy one:

Plum BBQ Glaze and Sauce

1/2 cup of your favorite spicy barbecue sauce
1/2 cup red plum jam

Heat in a small saucepan until blended and smooth. Mop on the chicken during the last turn during the cooking process coating all sides. Allow the glaze to cook and adhere to the poultry but be careful, the sweet glaze will burn quickly.

6 thoughts on “Sweet n Spicy Plum Glazed Chicken

  1. MM

    I'm officially snickering like a 13 year old boy over your post. Please don't hold it against me. I grew up with brothers in a neighborhood of boys.Digging this plum glaze–I like how you pair a spicy BBQ sauce with the jam to cut through the sweetness. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Big Dude

    Your plum chicken looks delicious. I used your brine for this months BBQ day but had too much going on to make the rub and mop (still hope to try soon) but I could tell a difference in the breasts and will use it again.

  3. JodieMo

    Just what I love to see from a good barbecue chicken recipe – dedication. Just grillin' is for kabobs, good, finger lickin' perfection can only come from pampering that bird all dang day. You've done it right my friend. You have done it right.


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