Boneless Chicken Thighs a la Drick

The secret is the mushroom caper sauce mingling with the spices.

Y'all know what I do, I mean here, on this site. Many of the recipes I like to share with you are steeped in traditional cookery centering on our locale, it's history and lore. The ones from my kitchen, ones that are mine, well, sometimes I get a little inventive but that is what I do. I am a recipe writer. Now, most of the time coming up with a post title is the easiest part of it. The one today I suppose reflects a bit of me; southern fried with a refined Creole flair. Actually the recipe is more like 'lightly sautéed, French Basque'. But the south is full of a little bit of everything, a melding pot of all who entered into Mobile Bay by first Prince Madoc ab Owain Gwynedda (Madoc) from Wales back in the early 1170’s and later Desoto of Spain who battled the Mobilla (Mobile) Indians. Oh yeah, the French later arrived and made somewhat peace with the locals.

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11 thoughts on “Boneless Chicken Thighs a la Drick

  1. Pierce

    Another for the "Drick file" – these look excellent. I tried making croutons, using your recipe, and they turned out well. Sadly, the camera was charging but I plan to get a photo with my phone later. Yum!

  2. Claudia

    Oh my – this does look wonderful. Saved – those mushrooms, the capers – and Wales? Really? Had no idea. The lore is a varied and delicious as the dish.

  3. MM

    Mushroom caper sauce sounds divine. I could stuff myself stupid on this!That's a shame about your tomatoes. My dad told me his crop is pretty much ruined with all of the rain they've been getting in NOLA. So far mine are holding up (fingers crossed).

  4. Mother Rimmy

    I had to share this recipe Drick – I love the simplicity, yet it's packed with flavor. I've been a convert to chicken thighs recently. I love the flavor so much better, and they are much moister than chicken breast.

  5. MM

    As one of the top-viewed links from last week, you and this delicious dish will be featured at tonight's See Ya In the Gumbo!

  6. Karen Harison

    I made this over the weekend. I made your rub first (couldn't find the dehydrated bell pepper), and then used it on the thighs.I had bought an 8 oz package of mushrooms, so I used the whole package. I doubled the margarine and the sherry, consequently. I did not double the capers or shallots, mostly because I only bought one shallot. I was afraid doubling the capers would change the flavor too much, so I didn't.Anyway, once again a delicious Drick's recipe. I served it over rice with roasted asparagus, and once again, we ate it all.Next recipe to try is the pork roast and sweet potatoes.


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